The Morphome Debate

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Luís, Ana R. & Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (eds). 2016. The morphome debate. Oxford: Oxford University Press.



This volume surveys the current debate on the morphome, bringing together experts from different linguistic fields (morphology, phonology, semantics, typology, historical linguistics) and from different theoretical backgrounds, including both proponents and critics of autonomous morphology. The concept of the morphome is one of the most influential but contentious ideas in contemporary morphology. The term is typically used to denote a pattern of exponence lacking phonological, syntactic, or semantic motivation, and putative examples of morphomicity are frequently put forward as evidence for the existence of a purely morphological level of linguistic representation. Central to the volume is the need to attain a deeper understanding of morphomic patterns, developing stringent diagnostics of their existence, exploring the formal grammatical devices required to characterize them adequately, and assessing their implications for language acquisition and change. The extensive empirical evidence is drawn from a wide range of languages, including Archi, German, Kayardild, Latin and its descendants, Russian, Sanskrit, Selkup, Ulwa, and American Sign Language.

As the first book to examine morphomic patterns from such a diverse range of perspectives and on such a broad cross-linguistic basis, The Morphome Debate will be of interest to researchers of all theoretical persuasions in morphology and related linguistic disciplines.




Table of Contents

Notes on contributors



1: Introduction, Ana R. Luís and Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero

Part I: Morphomic or not? Diagnosing morphomicity

2: Unnatural kinds, Mark Aronoff

3: Some lessons from history: Morphomes in diachrony, Martin Maiden

4: Morphomic splits, Greville G. Corbett

5: Thoughts on diagnosing morphomicity: A case study from Ulwa, Andrew Koontz-Garboden

6: The morphome vs. similarity-based syncretism: Latin t-stem derivatives, Donca Steriade

Part II: Autonomous or not? Analysing morphomic patterns

7: Morphomic categories and the realization of morphosyntactic properties, Gregory Stump

8: Stems, the morphome, and meaning-bearing inflection, Andrew Spencer

9: Kayardild inflectional morphotactics is morphomic, Erich R. Round

10: Morphomic stem extension and the German n-declension, Paolo Acquaviva

11: On the distribution of stem alternants: Separation and its limits, David Embick

Retrospect and prospect

12: A view of the morphome debate, Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Ana R. Luís References




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  1. Sylvia Costa 10 de enero de 2017 a 19:17 #

    Me interesa particularmente el libro THE MORPHOME DEBATE. ¿Podrían enviarme alguna información para comprarlo? Gracias de antemano.


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