Morphology Vol. 27, No. 1 (2017)

13 Mar







Información aparecida el LINGUIST List:



Journal Title: Morphology

Volume Number: 27

Issue Number: 1

Issue Date: 2017



Main Text:


Title: Segmentation: a remark on the Syncretism Principle

Author(s): Sebastian Bank

pages: 1-20


Title: The theory of feature systems: One feature versus two for Kayardild tense-aspect-mood

Author(s): Erich R. Round, Greville G. Corbett

pages: 21-75


Title: Source- and product-oriented strategies in L2 acquisition of plural marking in German

Author(s): Klaus-Michael Köpcke, Verena Wecker

pages: 77-103


Title: From enclitic to prefix: diachrony of personal absolutive markers in Q’eqchi’

Author(s): Igor Vinogradov

pages: 105-122




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