Morphology Vol.26, No. 3-4 (2016)

12 Sep



Morphology Vol.26, No. 3-4 (2016)


Información aparecida el LINGUIST List:


Journal Title: Morphology

Volume Number: 26

Issue Number: 3-4

Issue Date: 2016


Subtitle: The logic and limits of Allomorphy in Morphological Theory

Edited by Noam Faust and Nicola Lampitelli




Title: Allomorphy—its logic and limitations: opening remarks from the guest editors

Author(s): Noam Faust, Nicola Lampitelli

pages: 229-234


Title: Allomorphy and the question of abstractness: evidence from German

Author(s): Renate Raffelsiefen

pages: 235-267


Title: The power of a single representation: morphological tone and allomorphy

Author(s): Eva Zimmermann

pages: 269-294


Title: Towards a theory without adjacency: hyper-contextual VI-rules

Author(s): Beata Moskal, Peter W. Smith

pages: 295-312


Title: Plural exponence in the Nez Perce DP: a DM analysis

Author(s): Amy Rose Deal

pages: 313-339


Title: Melody-free syntax and phonologically conditioned allomorphy

Author(s): Tobias Scheer

pages: 341-378


Title: Weak radicals, weak suppletion, and phonological indices in Semitic

Author(s): Noam Faust

pages: 379-397


Title: Multiple defaults: feminine -et and -a in Hebrew present tense

Author(s): Daniel Asherov, Outi Bat-El

pages: 399-423


Title: Component-dependent allomorphy and paradigm accessibility: evidence from Hebrew

Author(s): Lior Laks, Evan-Gary Cohen

pages: 425-452


Title: On diminutives and plurals in Moroccan Arabic

Author(s): Mohamed Lahrouchi, Rachid Ridouane

pages: 453-475


Title: The gender assignment pattern of French nouns

Author(s): Radwa Fathi, Jean Lowenstamm

pages: 477-509



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