Evaluatives in Grammar

18 May





Información aparecida en INFOLING: http://www.infoling.org/informacion/NB1457.html



Inti Aedo, Orozco (2016): Evaluatives in Grammar. Munich: LINCOM (Colección: LINCOM Studies in Language Typology (LSLT). 92 págs. ISBN-13: 9783862887033. Precio: 54,80 EUR)


Compra-e: http://lincom-shop.eu/epages/57709feb-b889-4707-b2ce-c666fc88085d.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Sh…




Evaluative morphemes (EVs) consist of the elements: diminutives, augmentatives, pejoratives and amelioratives. Although these elements are known to be derivations that express the values: small, big, bad, good; there are many EVs features neglected by common definitions. EVs can sometimes fulfil two different functions at the same time and even become part of the grammar of a language. How and what material EVs evolve from, decides how they are later embedded in a grammar. Three of those processes are illustrated in the development of EVs in three unrelated languages through, which Evaluative morphology could be subdivided in at least three different types.


Temática: Lingüística cognitiva, Pragmática, Tipología




Abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. Basic Definitions and Concepts 2.1. Amelioratives and Pejoratives 2.2. Augmentatives and Diminutives 2.3. Two layers of meaning 3. Derivational or Inflectional 3.1. A Third Type of Morphology? 4. On the Development of Evaluatives 4.1. Pragmaticalization 4.1.1. Evaluatives in Spanish 4.1.2. Spanish Evaluatives and Pragmaticalization 4.2. Regrammaticalization 4.2.1. Bantu Noun Classes and Evaluatives 4.2.2. Swahili Noun Classes and Regrammaticalization 4.3. Grammaticalization 4.3.1. Weining Ahmao Classifiers and Evaluatives 4.3.2. Weining Ahmao Classifiers and Grammaticalization 5. Discussion 6. Conclusions Appendix References






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