17th International Morphology Meeting

2 Feb



Información aparecida en LINGUIST List: http://linguistlist.org/issues/26/26-5575.html



17th International Morphology Meeting


Short Title: IMM17


Date: 18-Feb-2016 – 21-Feb-2016


Location: Vienna, Austria


Meeting URL: http://wu.ac.at/imm17





Meeting Description:


IMM17 will center around one main topic, competition in morphology, which will also provide the title of the planned selected-papers volume.


In many cases, languages offer more than one option for realizing a certain bundle of features (in inflection) or complex concepts (in word formation). The ensuing problems have been treated in terms of competition or rivalry, under disparate labels, including Panini’s Principle, the Elsewhere Condition, blocking, pre-emption, suppletion, overabundance, contamination, constructional blend, constraint rankings, inheritance, race models, identification of the ‘nearest neighbor’ in analogical models, etc. Intimately related topics are productivity and restrictions on productivity. By putting these associated phenomena at center stage, we would like to stimulate the theoretical discussion about this important area of morphological research.


Besides this main topic the conference will be thematically open in order to serve as a seismograph for diagnosing tectonic shifts going on in the morphological landscape. At the same time, workshops up to a limit of twelve papers are welcome to any topic in morphology, excluding, of course, the main topic.



Organizing Committee:

Franz Rainer, Francesco Gardani, Elisabeth Peters



Program Committee:

Franz Rainer, Wolfgang U. Dressler, Francesco Gardani, Hans Christian Luschützky



Conference website: http://wu.ac.at/imm17


Program: See http://www.wu.ac.at/imm17/ and https://wu.ac.at/fileadmin/wu/o/imm17/Programm_Dez2015.pdf



Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU Vienna)

Welthandelsplatz 1

1020 Vienna, Austria



Registration Fees:


Registration (before December 1, 2015): General 150 euro / Student 70 euro

Late registration (after December 1, 2015): General 170 euro / Student 80 euro


The registration fee includes drinks after registration and refreshments during the breaks, as well as an evening reception. Payments by credit card (Visa/Euro/Master Card) or by bank transfer are welcome. (All bank fees must be paid by the participant.) Cash payment only upon arrival.


Registration will start on May 1, 2015.


For further information please visit our website.







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