Morphology Vol. 25, No. 4 (2015)

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Journal Title: Morphology


Volume Number: 25


Issue Number: 4


Issue Date: 2015


Subtitle: Special Issue: Semantics of Derivational Morphology


Guest Edited by Sabine Arndt-Lappe and Ingo Plag



Main Text:


Title: Introduction

Author(s): Sabine Arndt-Lappe, Ingo Plag pages: 349-351

Title: The semantics of transposition

Author(s): Rochelle Lieber pages: 353-369

Title: Polysemy and synonymy in derivational affixation—a case study of the English suffixes -age and -ery

Author(s): Marion Schulte pages: 371-390

Title: Lexical negation in lexical semantics: the prefixes in- and dis-

Author(s): Marios Andreou pages: 391-410

Title: Exploring the polysemy of the Modern Greek prefix iper-

Author(s): Angeliki Efthymiou, Georgia Fragaki, Angelos Markos pages: 411-438

Title: Semantic approaches to the study of denominal parasynthetic verbs in Spanish

Author(s): Elisabeth Gibert Sotelo, Isabel Pujol Payet pages: 439-472

Title: French N-age instrumentals: semantic properties of the base verb

Author(s): Karen Ferret, Florence Villoing pages: 473-496



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