Inheritance Hierarchies in Morphology

3 Dic


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Inheritance Hierarchies in Morphology


Location: Zürich, Switzerland

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Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories; Morphology

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Inheritance Hierarchies in Morphology Universität Zürich Keynotes: Geert Booij (Universiteit Leiden) and Dunstan Brown (University of York) Inheritance hierarchies or inheritance networks are an important part of a number of contemporary morphological theories, such as Construction Morphology (Booij 2010),Network Morphology (Brown and Hippisley 2012), and Word Grammar (Hudson 2006). Such approaches contrast with rule-based morphological models such as Distributed Morphology (Halle and Marantz 1993). Inheritance networks have been invoked to yield new perspectives on long-standing issues in morphology like productivity and regularity (Brown forthc.), holistic morphological typology (Brown 2010), and multi-word units (Booij 2010). However, much remains to be explored concerning the precise nature and architecture of these inheritance hierarchies. For instance, hierarchies of different types have been proposed (e.g. lexical class hierarchies, ontological hierarchies, syntactic hierarchies, and morphological hierarchies), but it is not clear what the restrictions (if any) on an inventory of hierarchies are or how the different hierarchies relate to or interact with each other.




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