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4 Nov



Información aparecida en LINGUIST List:

From: Robert Beard <>

This is to announce that I have opened my personal website,, which will bring all the articles on LMBM, Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology, together in one place. The LMBM website contains the following:

1. A competence theory of inflection (syntactic derivation) and word formation (lexical derivation) – which explains empty morphemes, null morphemes, morphological over- and underdetermination, and other morphological phenomena (Separation Hypothesis), – showing that the same categories that syntax operate over (inflectional categories) are used by the lexicon for word formation (including a list of all word formation types), – along with a complete list of those 44 categories which I consider universal (Unitary Grammatical Function Hypothesis)

2. the performance theory of the lexicon and morphology that is included in LMBM (Lexical Stock Expansion)

3. an explanation of the relationship of lexical categories to semantics (Decompositional Composition)

4. a hypothesis of the relationship of morphological operations and the functions of the brain

The website will fit monitors of all sizes from smart phones to desktops. Many of the articles at may be downloaded at my presence on
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