Contemporary Linguistic Parameters

19 Oct


Contemporary Linguistic Parameters

Editor(s): Antonio Fabregas, Jaume Mateu, Michael Putnam

Published: 11-19-2015

Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic Series: Contemporary Studies in Linguistics


About Contemporary Linguistic Parameters

Parameters have lain at the core of linguistic research in the generative tradition for decades. The theoretical questions they have raised are deep and broad: this reference text investigates how contemporary linguistics has best tried to answer them.

This book looks at how parameters might be properly defined and what their locus might be :lexical information, functional heads, the computational system, the phonological branch of the grammar. What kind of data forms trigger acquisition of a parameter? Are parameters necessary or can we study languages without making reference to them?

The questions looked at are not just theoretical: how can a theory of parameters be used to help understand second language acquisition, and what contributions can it make to the study of language typology?

This is the right time to gather all this information, dispersed in many different kinds of publications by single authors and groups, into one comprehensive volume.

Table Of Contents


Part I. Prolegomena

  1. Parameters in linguistic theory: what, where and how, Antonio Fábregas, Jaume Mateu & Mike T. Putnam

Part II. Main morphosyntactic parameters

  1. Morphological parameters, Antonio Fábregas 3. Case. Ergative languages, Michelle Sheehan 4. Head directionality, Hubert Haider 5. Parameters and argument structure I: motion predicates and resultatives, Víctor Acedo-Matellán & Jaume Mateu 6. Parameters and argument structure II: causatives and applicatives, María Cristina Cuervo 7. The functional structure of the clause: main issues, Martina Wiltschko 8. Extended projections of V: aspect, Jonathan E. MacDonald 9. Null subjects, Roberta D’Alessandro 10. Head movement in the clausal domain, Ángel J. Gallego & Juan Uriagereka 11. Wh-movement, Željko Boškovic 12. Topic and focus, Jordi Fortuny 13. The functional structure of N, Asya Pereltsvaig

Part III. Parameters beyond morphosyntax

  1. Parameters in phonological analysis: stress, Marc van Oostendorp 15. Parameters in Language Acquisition and Language Contact, Nina Hyams, Victoria Mateu, Robyn Ortfitelli, Michael Putnam, Jason Rothman & Liliana Sánchez Index



“This impressive set of chapters on the current understanding of parameters by some of the very best specialists is greatly to be welcomed. It constitutes compulsory reading for anyone interested in the limits of language variation.” Guglielmo Cinque, Professor of Linguistics, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy.

“A terrific collection of papers, this book represents the state of the art for the parametric theory of linguistic variation. I enthusiastically recommend it.” Peter Svenonius, Professor of Linguistics, University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.



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