Mediterranean Morphology Meeting 10

22 Jul


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Mediterranean Morphology Meeting 10

Short Title: MMM10

Date: 07-Sep-2015 – 10-Sep-2015

Location: Haifa, Israel

Meeting URL:


Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Computational Linguistics; Morphology

Meeting Description:
10th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM10)
The 10th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM10) will take place at the University of Haifa (Israel), September 7-10, 2015.
The theme of the conference will be:
“Quo vadis morphology? Grammar, cognition and computation”

MMM celebrates its 10th meeting with a look at the present and future of morphology. How has the field evolved in recent years? Where do we stand now? And, most importantly, Where do we go from here? We welcome contributions that explore new empirical and methodological directions in morphology, especially in the following domains:
– Morphology and Grammar: What is (or should be) the place of morphology in linguistic theory? How do we face well-known challenges to foundational issues such as the notion of word, the Lexical Integrity Hypothesis, or the universality of lexical/grammatical categories?
– Morphology and Cognition: What can morphology tell us about the mind? About language acquisition? How can we reconcile morphological theory and experimental research? What can morphology learn from the other cognitive sciences?
– Morphology and Computation: What are the new frontiers for computational approaches to morphology? How is the “big-data effect” affecting morphological research and morphological theory?
The aim of these meetings is to bring together linguists who work on morphology in an informal setting which guarantees maximal interaction between researchers, and gives young linguists an opportunity to present their work at a conference of moderate size where fruitful contacts with senior linguists can be established. The traditional emphasis on morphology of European languages is expanded in this 10th anniversary meeting to also include local languages of Israel as well as sign languages, and will emphasize future directions in morphology, such as morphology and cognition, and computational approaches.

Invited Speakers:
Stephen R. Anderson (Yale University)
Mark Aronoff (Stony Brook University)
Ray Jackendoff (Tufts University)




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