Morphology 25/1 (2015)

16 Mar






Información aparecida el LINGUIST List:



Journal Title: Morphology 

Volume Number: 25

Issue Number: 1

Issue Date: 2015



Main Text:


Title: Phonaesthemes in morphological theory

Authors: Nahyun Kwon, Erich R. Round

Pages: 1-27



Title: A mixed system of agreement in the suffix classes of Lealao Chinantec

Authors: Enrique L. Palancar

Pages: 29-62



Title: Periphrasis as collocation

Authors: Olivier Bonami

Pages: 63-110



Title: The functions and the developments of the dual form in Maltese

Authors: Maris Camilleri

Pages: 111-138



Title: Book Review: Kersti Börjars, David Denison and Alan Scott (eds.): Morphosyntactic categories and the expression of possession

Authors: Gero Kunter

Pages: 139-142


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