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Full Title: Verbal Prefixes and Particles
Date: 12-Sep-2014 – 14-Sep-2014
Location: Poznań, Poland
Contact Person: Dylan Glynn

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Semantics; Typology

Call Deadline: 28-Nov-2013

Meeting Description:

Verbal Prefixes and Particles. Empirical research in grammatical aspect and lexical semantics

The prefixes (preverbs, coverbs etc.) and particles (adpositions, intransitive prepositions etc.) associated with verbal constructions, such as those in the Slavic and Germanic languages, represent one of the most complex fields of linguistics. At once central to the aspectual system and verbal semantics, understanding their interdependent role in both the grammar and the lexicon is crucial to language description.

This theme session seeks to bring together empirical linguists working in the field of verbal prefixes and particles in Slavic and Germanic languages. The theme session is open to any theoretical orientation but will focus on empirical research.

For further information, email:

Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk (
Dylan Glynn (
Lilli Parrott (

Final Call for Papers:

Mini-Abstracts / Statements of Intent:

Abstracts must be submitted twice. First a short abstract (300 words) will be submitted to the theme session convenors and second a longer abstract (500 words) will be submitted to the conference itself.

The short pre-abstract is just to allow us to put together the submission for a theme session / workshop at the conference.

It is essential that the abstracts follow strict guideless for structure:

1. Introduce briefly the problem / question / hypothesis.
2. Summarise briefly the method / data
3. Summarise briefly the results or expected results.

Please submit mini abstracts in a modifiable file format such as .rft, .doc, .docx or .odt. Submit abstracts to the convenors mentioned above.


Short abstract for theme session: 28 November 2013
Acceptance to theme session: 29 November 2013
‘Real’ abstract for SLE: 15 January 2014
Acceptance to SLE: 31 March 2014


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