Spanish Word Formation and Lexical Creation

26 Abr


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Editores: Cifuentes Honrubia, José Luis; Rodríguez Rosique, Susana
Título: Spanish Word Formation and Lexical Creation
Año de publicación: 2012
Lugar de edición: Amsterdam
Editorial: John Benjamins Publishing Co

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This volume contributes a wider approach to word formation processes and sheds light on some unsolved issues. While the formal relationships established between the different constituents of a complex word have been analyzed in great depth, the semantic links have received little dedication. In order to complete the analysis, it is necessary to pay attention to the semantic properties associated to verbalization. The main purpose of the book is to integrate both the semantic proposals and the formal perspectives concerning word formation. This theoretical aim becomes the framework to study several mechanisms of lexical creation and neologisms. Furthermore, word formation is presented as a new source for Applied Linguistics. Although the volume uses Spanish as a starting point, it means to delimit formation patterns which may also be productive in other languages. This book is sure to become an important reference in the controversial field of word formation.

Temática: Lexicografía, Lexicología, Lingüística románica, Morfología, Semántica


Preface (José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Susana Rodríguez Rosique)

On meteorological denominal verbs in Spanish: Syntactic-semantic properties and argument relationships (Elisa Barrajón López)

Instrumental verb formation: A conceptual approach (Javier Bolaños Navalón)

Conflation processes in the formation of Spanish verbs with a prepositional object (José Antonio Candalija Reina)

Spanish deadjectival verbs and argument structure (José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia)

Sensory-emotional denominal causative verbs (Ruth Lavale Ortiz )

Morphology and pragmatics of affixal negation: Evidence from Spanish des-* (Susana Rodríguez Rosique)

Deverbal nouns with the suffix –dura (Josefa Martín García)

On protagonizar ‘an event’ and the scope of the concept of ‘light verb’ (María Antonia Martínez Linares)

The relationship between verb-noun in derivational series (Jesús Pena Seijas)

Nominalizations of transfer verbs: Blocking, constraints and competition between affixes (Antonio Rifón Sánchez)

Base selection and prefixing: The prefix des- (David Serrano-Dolader)

Phonetic adaptation and derivational morphological development of foreign words in Spanish in the DPD (Celia Berná Sicilia)

From Latin super- to Spanish sobre-: Aspects on semantic evolution in verb formation (José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia and Javier Fresnillo Núñez)

Word formation processes and proposals for the classification of formal neologisms (María Tadea Díaz Hormigo)

The concept of light in Spanish denominal verbs: A cognitive analysis (Jorge Fernández Jaén and Hilde Hanegreefs)

Metaphors as a source of lexical creation in the field of wine criticism (Montserrat Planelles Iváñez)

On deverbal word formation as condensation of previous mental patterns (Estanislao Ramón Trives)

Lexical collocations and the learning of Spanish as a foreign language: State of the art and future projects (Marta Higueras García)

Denominal verbs in Ele/El2 classroom (a didactic approach) (Santiago Roca Marín)

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Subject index

Colección: IVITRA Research in Linguistics and Literature
Formato: Hardback
Págs.: 486
ISBN-13: 9789027240071
Precio: 99,00 EUR USD 149.00



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