SKASE JOURNAL OF Theoretical Linguistics

23 Feb



The Slovak Association for the Study of English


SKASE JOURNAL OF Theoretical Linguistics

VOLUME 10 – 2013 No. 1

Special Number:
Selected papers from the Universals and Typology in Word-Formation

II conference Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia, August 26-28, 2012


1. Laurie Bauer
Deriving locational nouns
2. Franz Rainer
Can relational adjectives really express any relation? An onomasiological perspective
3. Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald
The Typology of Nonintegrated Words in Hebrew
4. Alexandra Bagasheva
Compounds, lexicalization patterns and parts-of-speech: English and Bulgarian compound verbs in comparison and contrast


5. Masaharu Shimada
Coordinated compounds: Comparison between English and Japanese


6. Pius ten Hacken
Compounds in English, in French, in Polish, and in General


7. Francesca Di Garbo
Evaluative morphology and noun classification: a cross-linguistic study of Africa


8. Klaus Schneider
The truth about diminutives, and how we can find it: Some theoretical and methodological considerations


9. Angeliki Efthymiou
On the interaction between semantics and phonetic iconicity in evaluative morphology





Edited by Renáta Gregová, Lívia Körtvélyessy and Pavol Štekauer





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